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Vishnu Doerga
122 Parade Street, Kingston
Demerara, 00001
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My formative years were spent on both sides of the Guyana/Suriname Border before settling in Guyana in 1994. Birthed into a family with over a century of business, entrepreneurial and professional success, coupled with being intellectually gifted, has helped me to develop a solution oriented mindset and a desire to see businesses thrive and grow. Happily married to Davitri and the proud Father of one Daughter, Venu, we have made Georgetown, Guyana, our Home.


During my tertiary education I studied to become a Mechanical Engineer, followed by a multitude of other qualifications in fields such as Marketing, Communication, Negotiation and Business Incubation in countries such as Singapore, Brazil, Trinidad and the USA. As best graduating MBA student and with my sights set on completing my Doctorate in Business Administration, I have since commenced lecturing courses such as Strategic Management and International Business at the Masters level for Local and International tertiary institutions.


At the age of 19, I started my first company, Doerga Business Enterprise, which continues to thrive today. In my Entrepreneurial and Business career I have been involved in the Processing, Manufacturing, Construction, Agriculture, Health & Beauty, Environmental, Education, Advertising and numerous other industries. I have worked as both Consultant and Coach, as Trouble Shooter and Country Manager. In 2011, I was bestowed the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce & Industry’s Young Business Executive Award for my Demonstrated Vision and tangible Business Success.

Now in my 13th year of Private Sector Representation, I have filled roles such as President of the Upper Corentyne Chamber, as a member of the Private Sector Commission and the Association of Regional Chambers of Commerce and currently as the President of the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce. I have professional affiliations with the Theatre Guild of Guyana & Cacique Toastmasters Club.


My qualifications, experiences and exposure over the years help me to understand the pressures, challenges and pleasures associated with being your own boss. I have seen the devastating effects a failing business can have on a business owner, their family and everyone who depends on that business. Becoming a Certified Business Coach trained by World Class Business Coaches and having access to ActionCOACH’s extensive Global Knowledge base gives me the opportunity to help my own business and other business owners and entrepreneurs, get amazing results. Our larger aim is to drive Guyana’s National Economic Development by growing individual businesses into High-Performance Profit, Employment and Opportunity Engines.


Having a Coach will be the single most positive investment you’ll make in your business and yourself.


As a Certified Business Coach my clients range from Lawyers to Accountants, Car dealers to Construction companies – all are making more money and working less to achieve their goals.


When you are sure you are ready to embark upon a journey to massively improve your business, your income and your lifestyle – achieving the ambitions and dreams you went into business for in the first place – it’s time to get into ACTION. Call me now to arrange a free initial meeting and together we’ll explore the possibilities for you and your business.

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